Thursday, October 15, 2009

Well hello

It's been a hell of a long time, no? I'd best get back to updating on here.

For now, since I must be off to school, I will leave you with this little gem: a screenshot I took a few minutes ago.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh look, it are me.

Marcus preaches on Mill, and one of his compatriots caught me arguing with him on camera. For the record, the only reason I couldn't answer his question is because I couldn't remember the names of the experiments I was thinking of. :(

Friday, June 26, 2009

Divine Blindness: Day 5

Still nothing! I am disappointed in the extreme. Surely God can have no more excuses? I mean, why would an omnipotent, omniscient being have any difficulty at all in doing as His follower bade Him? It’s been five days and the time for traipsing Mill Ave. is nearly upon us again. If God is so interested in the goings-on of Mill, wouldn’t it benefit Him to have one of the Resistance out of action and suffering a crisis of non-faith?

Wait, you’re thinking. God doesn’t have to obey anyone! So what if Cesar claimed to be able to call down the Lord’s wrath upon me? That doesn’t mean He’s going to do it.

But why, though? This deity, who would necessarily have to be very well acquainted with who I am, knows what proof I need to believe in him, and to thus be “saved”. If he can perform such enormous feats as destroying Sodom and Gomorrah and (paradoxically) impregnating a young woman sans genitalia, why can’t he blind me to save me from the fires of Hell? Surely he knows that I would be more inclined to believe after such a miraculous experience.

Perhaps the Lord is as I suspected: a cruel god, a tyrant unmatched. Perhaps he truly does not care for his followers one bit…

Or perhaps, just perhaps, He is not the god of the Bible. He could be a different god entirely, one who never claims to intervene. Or maybe it is a deist god, who does not interfere with the universe much after creating it, leaving its creations (us) in a state of benign neglect…

Or maybe, and much more likely, it’s none of these things at all. The reason Cesar couldn’t blind me using the power of the Lord is because there is no Lord. There is no power to call on outside of ourselves to get the things that we want. Didn’t Jesus claim several times (in Mark 11:24 - 25, for instance) that whatever a Christian believed would happen and prayed for would take place? Not so, it would seem.

Science has never found much in the way of evidence for gods at all, and nothing that can’t be explained by naturalistic causes. And thankfully, when science (and the scientifically-inclined mind) doesn’t know something, it tries its damndest to discover what it is. That’s in direct opposition to religion, which can only spew the same nonsense it ever has, with some obnoxious apologetics thrown in for flavor.

My point is this: I very much doubt that there will ever be evidence for a god or gods. With so much progress being made by science in the past few hundred years, evidence has begun to increasingly show that the natural world has far more explanations and answers than any religious book. And as this progresses, the gaps for God to exist in become smaller and smaller. When you get to present times, He becomes little more than a handyman, stepping in to do the heavy lifting when things get too hard for poor little science to handle. And nearly all hypotheses involving God have either gone kaput or are regarded as nonscientific.

Religion is simply not reconcilable with scientific observation. Hence the overwhelming majority of atheist/agnostic scientists. They’re applying the scientific principles of skepticism to their own lives, as all of us should.

And as for those who believe in the Christian God, the one called upon to blind me, they have no basis at all for what they believe other than an ancient book written by men and deemed infallible. The God of the Bible could never have created the universe or us. I doubt he could ever do more than sit and have a temper tantrum of the floor of some cosmic nursery.

However it may be (and my position on the matter should be obvious), the truth remains that I am not blind. Hooray!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pisses Me Off

I'm becoming more familiar with the general Phoenix area, and I've noticed an odd fact: there are more churches here than there are schools.

What the hell? With public schools bulging at the seams to contain all those ill-educated over-medicated little crotchfruit, you'd think maybe someone would have the idea to convert a few of these essentially useless institutions into ones that actually benefit people. With reductions in class sizes and more individual attention to each student, maybe they'd actually learn a little! Maybe even a lot, thus saving them from an endless string of shitty food-service jobs.

I mean, really. "Fuck schooling! Turn those kids towards Jesus." What a load of rubbish. It's a statistical fact, as well, that the less education you get the more likely you are to be heartily religious. And a kid who has had crap for a scholastic experience isn't going anywhere near a college after high school, if it even makes it that far. No, that kid's going to pump out like seven more and PRAZE TEH LOARD.

I think churches could stand overcrowding more than schools can. Want to argue with me?

No, wait, before you do, can you hear that? Listen real hard. I think I can hear Sweden, Japan, and all the other secular, well-educated countries laughing at us. But what does that matter? We have Jesus.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Divine Blindness: Day 2

Being blind seems to be remarkably similar to having sight. I’m beginning to think that perhaps nothing is happening at all.

Then I remember that Father’s Day was yesterday. I can’t expect so much out of God. I mean, like any good dad He was probably partying into the early hours with His son Jesus, going all Old Testament on a keg of prodigious size. The resulting hangover will surely take a day or two to overcome.

Meanwhile I sit and wait for the proof that he even exists. Surely blinding an 18-year-old girl shouldn’t be too hard for him? Once He can get up off the couch without puking up a universe or two, I’m sure he’ll get right to it. Cesar’s request is probably not far down the queue, right?

We’ll see.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mill Ave. - 6/20

I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. The Lord is going to blind me!

Last night was a fairly calm night, as Phil and those with him were the only ones hanging around. The exception was Edwin, who vanished soon after we arrived. With Phil was Cesar, a preacher I’d seen around only a few times.

He came up to us immediately as we approached the post office corner, and started in on his usual shtick. “I love you. You are my sister,” he said, indicating me, “and you are my brother.” He waved his hand at Kazz. “I love the both of you. But you need to respect us.”

He rambled on in the vein of "respect" for a while, and his main premise seemed to be that we would be bringing the wrath of God down on us if we continued to do what we do. He ignored me when I told him that while I respected their right to preach what they wanted to preach, I didn’t have to respect what they were saying. Also, the very fact that he seemed to be threatening us with God’s wrath was not terribly “respectful” of him to do.

“I can make you blind,” he said, looking at me. “For a little while, you will be blind.” I took this again as somewhat threatening, until he assured me that he had no need of touching me. He had only to speak to God, telling him that I was a child of Satan and to reveal himself to me. He did this, at my request, and he told me that the blindness would start some time the next day.

Phil made his usual mischief, and Jim rolled up to discuss the "merits" of creationism with us. We were at one point convinced that everyone was leaving when it turned out they were just making a final lap around Mill, preaching out of their portable loudspeaker. We followed behind, our megaphone held at the ready. The cacophony of the mixed sounds migrated down the street as we tailed them, and we left them only when they began to preach directly into the bars. I was sure that the police would be along soon enough to stop them from disrupting the merrymaking of the bar patrons.

The night itself was fairly nondescript, with the main event being Cesar’s little séance. Today has not brought me blindness, but I am willing to give him some leeway. Today was Father’s Day after all. Perhaps God was busy; perhaps Jesus took him out for a nice lunch and a Mylar “Best Dad Ever!” balloon. I’m willing to wait and see if this blindness thing will come through.

I can’t wait.

Quote of the Week
Phil: "Jesus said if you have hated in your heart, then you have committed adultery!"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have no sympathy for Islam, only for the people it hoodwinks into believing its ludicrous claims, and for those that end up hurt, maimed, and/or killed by its adherents (often themselves believers). It is true that I have great distaste for most religions, but anyone seeking for greater public concession of the "religion of peace" will be laughed at by me. Just like they should be laughed at in Europe, where sharia courts may be instituted, given that the national leaders are spineless enough to allow it.

This article in Slate describes a particularly nefarious UN resolution that would prevent all anti-religious speech, the text of which makes references to the unfairness of Islam's association with ill deeds. In the fifth paragraph of the resolution, the UN states that it:

"expresses its deep concern that Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism".

Human rights violations? Islam? My word, who would have thought it?

This religion is particularly insidious to the minds of its followers, mainly because it claims utter and absolute infallibility as the word of Allah. Anything written therein must be true, and thus anything that contradicts this 7th-century text must be destroyed as heresy. This alone would guarantee pretty terrible things, but when the "word of God" is written by a murderous, thieving, vengeful, hypocritical, immoral sexual deviant of a man, it all gets a little bit more explosive.

I just finished watching a video that I don't recommend to everyone. It is graphic and sickening evidence of what people (not just Muslims) will do when they feel that they have divine right. It can be found here, but I stress again that it may not be something you want to watch.

I beg of all people reading this to do what they can to stem the tide of fundamentalism. Islam, as an inherently fundamentalist religion, should not be left alone to do as it will. I stress that I am not calling all Muslims fundamentalist, nor do I think they are all capable of the acts above. What I would ask of them, and all others, is to closely examine this belief system and to determine for themselves if it is not among the most immoral, disgusting, depraved, and dangerous of things contrived by humankind. That's all.

EDIT: Pat Condell is updating his Youtube channel again, and I found his newest video to be relevant.